Testimonials for Hillsdale Country Realty in Columbia County, NY. Thank you!Customer satisfaction is the behind everything we do. Below are just a few testimonials from our happy clients. See what our buyers and sellers had to say about working with our agents at Hillsdale Country Realty. See what we can do for you—see what we’ve done for others.


“Without Mary Lou’s dedication…I would not now be happily settled in my new home.”

Of the several houses I have bought this was the most difficult because of my financial constraints and I’m sure that without Mary Lou’s dedication to finding a “needle in the haystack” I would not now be happily settled in my new home. Thanks to Hillsdale Country Realty for outstanding diligence and sensitivity to my situation and requirements.
– NS

“Mary Lou had my best interest at heart.”

I recently sold and purchased a house with the help of Mary Lou Kersten of Hillsdale Country Realty. Her knowledge of the area, professionalism, dedication and real estate expertise made the entire selling/buying process easy. It was wonderful having a knowledgeable agent on my side who answered all my questions.

I always felt Mary Lou had my best interest at heart. Her calm demeanor and caring personality was very reassuring throughout the process. She was extremely prompt responding to questions (via e-mail or phone).

Mary Lou is a great resource to have, knowing many local workers, painters, carpenters, flooring professionals etc. She always steers me in the right direction. I still rely on Mary Lou from time to time when I need recommendations. I highly recommend Mary Lou and her team at Hillsdale Country Realty for all your real estate needs.
– Nancy S.

“I would never use anyone else. And I mean it.”

I know Mary Lou Kersten from the perspective of both a buyer and a seller and from both aspects I think of her as a sort of miracle worker. She is both patient and creative, the two most essential qualities in pinpointing the right properties for purchase and in getting the sale accomplished. She also has an enormous reservoir of knowledge about the communities in which she functions. I would never use anyone else. And I mean it.
– Anne Navasky, New York

“I wouldn’t consider any other agency.”

My husband and I sold our first home in 1963 and this past spring I sold my seventh property engaging Mary Lou Kersten of Hillsdale Country Realty as my broker. Of the many brokers I have engaged Mary Lou was by far the most outstanding. The pictures and walk through video she created and put on the internet were perfect and inviting, and the advertising she did, effective. In addition to showing the house to all of her clients she arranged for over 20 other brokers to see the house. It was sold to a buyer who had a buyers agent. Mary Lou’s role in the negotiations was the reason the offer was made and the advice she gave on price right on. One last note, the two weeks after the offer was accepted I was out of town and Mary Lou covered for me numerous times when access or
other details needed handling.
– Dona Kahn, Hillsdale, New York

“We could not be more pleased with our perfect, cozy home.”

We purchased our home in Hillsdale, New York in 2003 with the help of Hillsdale County Realty. After looking all over Columbia County, never knowing exactly what we were looking for (old, new, fixer upper, in good shape?) we returned to our beautiful road down the hill from Mary Lou Kersten’s home. She met us to look at a small, nine year old house, sited beautifully on five acres. She pointed out the light, the views and the fact that the road was a community of lovely people. The women, she told us, walked together on the weekends. We were sold.

We could not be more pleased with our perfect, cozy home to which we have made some, but minor, improvements. I know that we bought the house because of Mary Lou’s expertise and warmth. She calmed our fears about home ownership and made us part of her wonderful community.
– Liz Rudey, NYC

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