We purchased our home in Hillsdale, New York in 2003 with the help of Hillsdale County Realty. After looking all over Columbia County, never knowing exactly what we were looking for (old, new, fixer upper, in good shape?) we returned to our beautiful road down the hill from Mary Lou Kersten’s home. She met us to look at a small, nine year old house, sited beautifully on five acres. She pointed out the light, the views and the fact that the road was a community of lovely people. The women, she told us, walked together on the weekends. We were sold.

We could not be more pleased with our perfect, cozy home to which we have made some, but minor, improvements. I know that we bought the house because of Mary Lou’s expertise and warmth. She calmed our fears about home ownership and made us part of her wonderful community.
– Liz Rudey, NYC

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